Teeth whitening game changer with Smile Brilliant

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“Teeth whitening”… does anyone else shiver at these dreaded words?

For me “teeth whitening” used to bring back awful memories of using messy strips and being left unable to breathe because my teeth were so sensitive and in pain afterwards.

So when Smile Brilliant reached out asking if I’d be interested in a collaboration using their teeth whitening kit for 6 weeks and in return provide an honest review of their product I thought what the heck… why not?

Before I even get started explaining the overall process I first need to say how fantastic this company truly is (and has been) during my entire whitening journey. Smile Brilliant is a company that is there for their customers to ensure they’re helped every step of the way when using their products. They actually cared about me while I was using their product and that really means a lot to me and I’m sure for so many others out there too. Okay enough of the mushy stuff!

So what sets Smile Brilliant apart from others aside from their fabulous customer service?

Well, let me tell you!

T3 Teeth Whitening Kit

The kit that I received was the T3 Teeth Whitening kit designed for individuals with sensitive teeth. I told Smile Brilliant that I did previously have sensitivity in the past with products that I used so they recommended this kit type for sensitivity. Hold up… teeth whitening can be pain free?! Yes! This was a complete game changer for me. No pain with whitening gain? Yes, please!


Once I received my kit the first step in the process was creating molds of my teeth! Yes, you heard right! Smile Brilliant also sets themselves apart by creating custom trays for your upper and lower teeth. Remember when I talked about those yucky strips in the beginning? Well, these trays totally make the process mess free with each application.

After a super easy (and slightly slobbery) molding process I shipped my teeth molds off in a prepaid envelope and after a few days my custom trays arrived which fit like a glove. Such a seamless process!

Whitening Process

The application process for whitening is so simple. First, you brush your teeth with just water. Then you also want to make sure to floss as well. Next, you will then make sure your teeth are slightly dried off before applying the product. Lastly, you will use the whitening syringe and inject the gel into your trays. Each syringe contains about 3 applications so you get a lot of applications with the kit overall.

The best part about the trays is that you can do just about anything at home or on the go so it was really nice being able to lounge around or get some work finished while whitening (talk about multi-tasking). You can whiten for about an hour or more, but I stuck to an hour max for all my applications.

I will be honest I had one issue throughout the entire whitening journey and that was that I found my gums to be a bit sore from the whitening product on my first few applications. However, when I had questions or concerns at all Smile Brilliant always reached out to give me helpful tips and reassurance along the way. So in this case with my gums I needed to cut back on the amount of product I was using to ensure it only stayed on my teeth - this did the trick and my gums were not bothered at all after future applications!

Desensitizing Process

As I mentioned previously my most dreaded part about my previous experience whitening my teeth was the fact that my teeth were always extremely sensitive and in pain after applications - sometimes for days. The difference with Smile Brilliant is that their T3 Teeth Whitening Kit for sensitive teeth has desensitizing gel applicators which reduce sensitivity after each whitening session.

After a whitening session you will immediately brush your teeth with toothpaste and also rinse out your trays and dry them. You will then follow the same process as with the whitening gel, but now by applying the desensitizing gel into the trays on dry teeth.

I desensitized for about 30 minutes after each application. After the desensitizing applications you simply wipe your teeth clean of the gel and do not brush again! The gel will stay on and continue working throughout the day or night.

This desensitizing gel is honestly pure magic! If you use it your teeth will not be sensitive at all - it’s a complete must and is a total game changer with the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit!


So the big question… did it work? Well, I’ll let the before and after photos below speak for themselves. Simple answer - YES! Smile Brilliant has blown me away and I’m a total believer in their product and am beyond happy with my results!










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