Why a plant schedule matters!

Plant Schedule.JPG

Just like with anything in life it’s easier to navigate through it when we schedule things out and come up with a game plan. Otherwise, things are a bit of a mess.

The same is true for your plants - they love schedules! In fact I would argue that they flourish because of them.

One of the biggest mistakes plant owners can make is feeling like you need to water your house plants daily. However, those poor plant babes are drowning and begging for a lifesaver! Don’t fear I used to think the same thing until I developed a plant schedule and it was a game changer for each every one of my plants so I hope this simple advise helps you too.

You see most plants fall under two categories which makes this plant schedule process quite simple to implement.

First category would be all of your non-desert plants that originate in more humid climates and need regular watering (not drowning). In my home these would be about 70% of our plants including our Dracaena, Sage, Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano, Orchids, Vine, and Jade. These plants get watered each Friday.

Second category would be all of your desert plants that originate in really dry climates. In my home these would be my Opuntia cacti, Euphorbia, Aloe vera, and my mini cacti. These plants would be watered every other Friday.

And that’s it! Divide your plants up into two categories and stick to watering one specific day of the week which for me is Friday. Then figure out which plants are each week and which ones are every other week.

So simple and oh so beneficial! Best of luck my friends.

Happy planting!