Iceland in 3 Days

Last month I traveled to one of the most beautiful places on this planet - Iceland. It was everything that you have seen on social media which filling the internet full of glorious photos! I will tell you right now that the photos of Iceland will never even truly describe how beautiful and wondrous this country is! If Iceland is not on your bucket list I really hope my post inspires you to go because I promise you that you will not regret it for one second! So get your bags ready... here's Iceland in 3 Days!

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Lush Germany

My entire trip to Europe was based on one major key piece - spending some well-needed quality time with my Grandma Heidi. My grandmother is one of the most brilliant and fabulous women anyone may ever meet and she lives in one of the most gorgeous parts of Germany which is where my travels began.

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Ciao from Italy

After stopping in Frankfurt for a few days to visit my grandmother I decided to take a trip down to Italy for 4 days. My flight took me from the Frankfurt Hahn airport which was a smaller airport about an hour and a half away from Frankfurt International airport. The flights are much less expensive and I would highly recommend taking this route if you're wanting more bang for your buck while traveling out of Frankfurt to another country nearby! My flight took me directly to Rome where I then took a bus from the Ciampino Airport (CIA) to a small town nearby and then connected to the train leading to Roma Termini.

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