Washington, D.C.

DC 5.jpg

It's so exciting to travel to a city in the United States that contains so much history packed into one place. Not only that, but it's refreshing to see so many thriving small businesses not only in my city of Chicago, but in other cities too! 

One of my later highlights of my trip, but at the top of my list was a late night venture to see the monuments. First, I met up with a few friends and grabbed some drinks at the beautiful and modern W Hotel Washington, D.C. rooftop. Their rooftop overlooks all of downtown D.C. giving you a jaw dropping view of the White House as well as many other monuments. After a few drinks, we decided to grab a bite to eat next door at the Old Ebbitt Grill. They're known for their oysters and have a gorgeous Victorian-style interior. I highly recommend stopping at both if you can.  

After finishing with our food and drinks it was quite late into the evening, but we decided what the heck why not Uber to the Lincoln Memorial. I didn't really know what to expect because obviously, it was late in the evening. Let me tell you this was the best decision of my entire trip! The monuments were completely lit up capturing gorgeous glowing views contrasted against the dark sky. It was absolutely breathtaking and the best part we were the only people around. There was no one in sight! If you get a chance to do this you will not regret it - it was amazing.

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The next few days I moseyed around the city capturing some amazing photos of historic buildings downtown as well as historic homes throughout the neighborhoods. If I can recommend one more thing it would be to explore the neighborhood streets. The historic row homes are amazing and I couldn't help taking hundreds of photos of them. All unique in their own ways with colors and styling this alone made me want to buy a home in D.C. - I became obsessed! 

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As many of you know I'm a huge supporter of local and small businesses not only in Chicago, but around the world. So it wouldn't be an amazing trip unless I hit up some amazing local D.C. stores!

The first on my list was Little Leaf. This adorable store located off 14th Steet and pictured below has some amazing finds ranging from plants, candles, books and more! I snagged up some super cute plant sheers and a fantastic candle which I'm super eager to get burning for our home. 

DC 4.jpg

After asking some D.C. locals where else I should go while visiting nearly everyone told me that I could not leave without heading to Union Market. If you have never been I must tell you it's so unique and an absolute must. It's industrial and raw with thrown in trendy pop-up shops throughout the area. The photo below shows one of the surrounding pop-up shops named Brief Assembly - you totally need to check them out they have some amazing items and for all the women some super cute boutique clothing! 

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Union Market is a super photo worthy place to visit and you will see lots of social media men and women getting all sorts of creative everywhere you look. It was so much fun and there are so many amazing people that you will meet while moseying about.  

My first stop at Union Market was to the sister store of Little Leaf named Salt and Sundry. I was totally obsessed with Little Leaf so this store pictured below was a must. I walked out purchasing numerous candles, matches, incense, and even some tasty chocolates! 

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After getting some shopping in at Salt & Sundry the women working there recommended stopping over at a bakery down the street named Pluma. I can never turn down a tasty pastry and coffee so of course I had to stop in. The bakery pictured below is a super quaint bakery with the most beautiful interior. I ordered their Lemon ricotta torta and oat milk vanilla latte. As a total bakery snob this place is completely Brian approved. So delcious! It was the perfect end to my day before heading back into downtown D.C.

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Although known for history I was so surprised and excited to discover so many amazing places throughout Washington, D.C. aside from the known. If this city is not on your list this year to visit I definitely recommend reconsidering and making it your destination!